Monthly Archives: October 2016

Bury Meadows

Bury Meadows [or Brookside as it is usually referred to], is a large wooded area with 60,000 trees, lodges and walkways. It has tremendous potential as a recreation area for the community. Ideas include horse riding, kayaking, fishing, orienteering, woodcraft as well as continuing to provide a pleasant place to walk and jog and enjoy nature. However, the woodland and its facilities needs to be managed and as a first step we are working with a consultancy, the local council and the Environment Agency to bid for funds to carry out a feasibility study. This will look at the potential for the area and examine the interest from local groups as well as any health and safety issues that might remain from its previous industrial history. Once we have the results from this we can then look at ways in which the local community in partnership with the landowner, local authorities and interest groups might manage the site.

This will not be a quick process but we will update you as we go along.



Theft and Vandalism

Recently the village has experienced the theft of stone slabs Рfrom the walls of the Memorial Gardens and from private houses as well. Following discussions with council officers and with the support of local councillors it was agreed to replace the stone slabs with concrete paving slabs before Christmas. The slabs were laid in time for our Sing Around The Tree event  before Christmas. The theft of stone slabs is a widespread problem across the borough and although we will miss the beautiful stone slabs that have graced the Gardens for over 60 years we will at least have retrieved something.

In addition we have successfully applied for a grant to fund mobile cctv system that can be moved around the village and even loaned to households for short periods where they are experiencing problems. The award of £500 was made from the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Action Fund. Hopefully this will help to make Stanhill Village a safer place.

If you would like us to install the cctv system for a week or two to either deter thieves or enable you to review and identity suspicious activity please contact us through the website or 07933773845. It will cost you nothing and you don’t have to be a technical expert to run it.